Village Earth Press is an educational book publisher dedicated to expanding the worlds of K-12 readers by creating informational books prove that nonfiction is are every bit as fascinating as fiction—and that fiction can teach young readers as much about themselves and the world as nonfiction does.

Our mission is to help young readers explore a wide range of interests while they develop a deeper understanding of the world around them, the people who live in it, and themselves.

Using engaging text and illustrations, our books are also well-designed tools for helping teachers and parents achieve the following education objectives:

  • Increase students’ motivation to read by appealing to their interests and providing answers to the questions they already have about the world and themselves. We don’t need to manufacture young readers’ interests and questions, because they’re already there—we just need to provide accurate and engaging answers to those questions!
  • Give students opportunities to “read to learn” (alongside “reading for pleasure”). This will help prepare them for the higher grades and college, when they will need to comprehend expository text.
  • Develop the reading skills necessary for a world full of informational reading, from newspapers to the Internet to instruction manuals.
  • Widen students’ background knowledge of the natural and social worlds. This will allow them to bring greater comprehension to future texts as well.
  • Enhance students’ nonfiction literacy by making them familiar with book elements such as sidebars, captions, tables and diagrams, tables of contents, indexes, and glossaries.
  • Build specialized vocabulary for each topic area to broaden students’ overall literacy development.
  • Encourage students to continue their research. Readers should know how to pursue their curiosity beyond the book in their hands, both in the library and on the Internet.

Each of our books are written or reviewed by a certified teacher to ensure they are useful resources in today’s Common Core world.