Animals Need YOU!

A love and appreciation for animals can shape a child's entire life, teaching important lessons about responsibility, empathy, and respect for nature. In Animals Need YOU!, young readers will learn about how to care for the fish, birds, farm animals, dogs, and cats in their lives, as well as the importance of treating all animal life with respect. A portion of all profits earned from your purchase of this series will be sent to Every Dog's Dream Rescue, an organization in Johnson City, New York, that works to find homes for cats, dogs, and other animals.

Health & the Environment

From the impact of pollution to the effects of climate change, the health of our environment is directly tied to the health of our bodies. This series, for readers ages 12 and up, shows young people the connections between people and the world around them, focusing on how environmental hazards like air pollution, population growth, and the energy industry affect human health

Kids' Library of Space Exploration

Motivate young readers with one of the topics they find most fascinating! This series takes young readers, ages 10 and up, inside the world of space exploration—from the history of moon missions to the new frontier of space tourism. Each book in this series weaves together history and science to reveal the most amazing moments in space exploration. 

LGBT Icons

LGBT Icons brings young readers the life stories of some of today’s most successful gay, lesbian, and transgender celebrities. Each book explores the struggles each individual experienced as a member of the LGBT community, and then highlights the successes and triumphs of each person’s story. The books focus on building understanding among straight students, ages 12 and up, while offering LGBT students practical tips for coping with prejudice and discrimination.

Nutrition: A Global View

This series, for readers ages 12 and up, combines social studies and science to reveal the big picture of the world’s food supply. Each book covers a different topic, from the connection between poverty and nutrition, to the way in which politics in the Western world affects the nutrition of people around the world.

Understanding AIDS

This revised and updated series combines health, science, and social studies topics. Each book covers a different aspect of the global struggle against HIV and AIDS, from the roles poverty and politics play in the AIDS crisis to the science behind the search for a cure. The series, for readers ages 12 and up, uses the latest HIV/AIDS research to dispel myths, while empowering young adults with the information they need to keep themselves healthy

Understanding Disease and Wellness: 
Kids’ Guides to Why People Get Sick and How They Can Stay Well

From cancer to AIDS, from diabetes to asthma, the books in this series give young readers, ages 7 and up, the science behind the illnesses and health issues they face and hear about every day. Each book focuses on steps to wellness, helping children understand what they can do to keep themselves healthy now and in the future. We at Village Earth Press are proud that the Mom’s Choice Awards® has given this series its gold medal award in recognition of the books’ production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, and appeal

Understanding My Emotions

Emotional skills are crucial to both academic performance and future success in life. This series builds these skills by explaining the facts about what causes emotions, how emotions affect our bodies and social interactions, and how to cope with negative emotions. The cheerful, colorful books, for readers ages 4 to 8, are packed with illustrations to encourage visual learning and understanding of expressions and other social cues.

Understanding Natural Disasters

From earthquakes to wildfires, from floods to volcanic eruptions, this series’ engaging, photo-oriented pages give young readers the facts they need to understand these events. Each book explains a particular natural disaster’s causes, using diagrams as well as text. This science-based series, for readers ages 10 and up, also empowers young people by offering practical ways to stay safe in the event of a natural disaster

Young Reader's Library of Pop Biographies

This series brings young music fans, ages 10 and up, the true stories of their favorite pop artists, from each individual’s childhood all the way through what it took to reach stardom. The books also feature facts about music history and culture, and they include end-of-chapter activities that encourage readers to learn more on their own about their favorite artists and musical genres